Collection: Bath Bombs

Taking a bath is the ultimate relaxation. Make your bath time more luxurious by adding a bath bomb. Fill your tub with hot water and add the bath bomb of your choice. The perfect blend of botanicals and ingredients go to work to soothe both your skin and senses. The CocoCreamer is a perfect blend of sea salt, aloe vera, and coconut milk. The delicate scent will renew your mind while the hydrating ingredients soothe your skin. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? A Snooze Bomb is perfect for having you drift off to Neverland. The exotic scents of bergamot, grapefruit, and patchouli do wonders for putting you into a lull, and ready to wind down for the night. Invigorate your senses with the minty freshness of the J'adore Matcha bomb. Try to Mama's Perch bomb with cocoa butter and almond oil for a truly pampering, self-care experience. Give your sense a mini spa experience with a luxurious bath bomb.


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