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Turn your bathroom into a mini spa by giving your bath a touch of luxury. During your next bath, sprinkle some bath soak into the hot water. Then, gently slide into the hot water as your senses are taken over by the healing powers of expertly mixed botanicals. All you need is a half of a cup in your bath and you’ll enjoy the pampering experience. If your skin feels a bit dry, the hydrating powers of ancient oak and rice milk will bring your skin back to life. Maybe you are looking to detoxify? The charcoal garden detox will clear the body and help you relax with its creamy foaming lather and essence of lavender and basil. Invigorate your mind and body with the stimulating essence of sage, pine oil, and Abyssinian oil. Try the Sea Kelp Serenity Crush with shea butter and grape seed oil for a tropical experience. Use these bath soaks in your tub and turn your plains baths into a luxurious and spa-like experience.

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