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What better way to relax than with a hot bath before bed? With our selection of gentle natural bubble baths, you can enjoy all the benefits of a soothing soak, without the harsh detergents, dyes and artificial fragrances found in common drugstore brands. Or, if you prefer to wake up with a morning shower, we offer a wide variety of invigorating natural body washes to help you get ready for the day. The all-natural bubble baths and body washes gently clear away dirt and excess oil, without drying out your skin. We offer many organic, plant-based, vegan and gluten-free options to accommodate all skin types and help you enjoy the same results as the leading brands without compromising your principles. Natural botanical extracts and essential oils have been added to many of the formulas to help soothe and refresh your body and mind. Whether you prefer bold fruit and herb fragrances, subtle floral scents or no fragrance at all, you’re sure to find a blend perfect for both your daily routine and those well-earned self-care days in our collection. Enjoy sweet scents like coconut, refreshing lemongrass or delicate waterlily while you let your stress and end of day aches and pains wash away.


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