Collection: Essential Oil Blends

Enjoy the healing benefits of aromatherapy using one of our many unique essential oil blends. Formulas combining soothing natural scents like lavender and peppermint can help to relax your mind and body before bed, while combinations of refreshing essential oils like orange and grapefruit can help make you feel alert and invigorated as you prepare to face each day. Whether you are looking to combat headaches or simply for a pleasant scent to help dispel kitchen odours, you’re sure to find a blend that will meet your needs in our collection. Several of our products are plant-based and made from organic, sustainably farmed ingredients, so you can use them without feeling guilty or compromising your values. Many are also cruelty-free, so animal lovers can enjoy them with a clear conscience. Our blends are crafted from potent essential oils, so a little goes a long way. They can be mixed into a carrier oil for use in relaxing, tension-relieving massages, added to a diffuser to spread their scent throughout your home or workspace, or dropped into your bathwater for a soothing soak. When you’re feeling under the weather, you can simply wet a tissue or washcloth with a drop of your favourite blend and inhale the scent.

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