Collection: Essential Oil Diffusers

Choose from a variety of diffusers that will allow you to experience the benefits of essential oils. From ultrasonic to portable and battery operated, there’s a perfect diffuser to help you meet your needs.
Ultrasonic Diffusers: Creating a gentle mist ultrasonic diffusers use ultrasonic technology which converts water and oil into a cold mist under high frequency vibration. This cold mist is then evaporated into the entire room subtly, offering the most efficient form of diffusion. In the dryer months, ultrasonic diffusers offer an even greater benefit with their humidifying and air purifying aspects.
Portable Diffusers: Portable essential oil diffusers are compact and offer you the convenience of benefiting from aromatherapy wherever you go! Whether in the office, on vacation or in your car, portable diffusers give you the freedom to enjoy your favourite essential oils or synergy combinations when you are away from home.

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