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Keep yourself feeling fresh and dry all day long with one of our natural stick deodorants. Aluminum-free and non-toxic, these antiperspirants use natural ingredients like baking soda, clay and arrowroot powder to keep sweat at bay and combat odour-causing bacteria. They’re free from the harsh artificial fragrances and colours found in many of the leading drugstore brands, making them a gentler option for those with sensitive skin. Just as compact and sleekly packaged as the sticks offered by popular brands, our natural deodorants are great for travelling and storing in your gym bag for a post-workout refresh. The sticks have rich and creamy textures that allow for quick and easy application on the go. Many of the blends are also infused with ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter to help moisturize and soothe your skin. The brands we carry don’t skimp on variety either. We offer aluminum-free deodorants with a wide range of different scents, including everything from sweet florals to refreshing citrus. There are also effective unscented blends perfect for those with allergies or sensitive noses. Several of our antiperspirants are cruelty-free, vegan and handmade, so you can enjoy the odour-fighting benefits you expect from the best drugstore brands, while sticking to your ethical principles and any diet and lifestyle restrictions.

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